Ryan – Week one

Well we survived week 1 and let me tell you it hasn’t been easy! The lack of sleep is what really has done us in but of course it is a small price to pay for the cute little face we get to hang out with all day long.

So some updates, along with pictures of Ryan’s first week of life!

1. 2. My c-section recovery hasn’t been all too bad. The first day was definitely the hardest and most painful but everyday I’m feeling a bit better. I’d say after a week I’m about at 80% and almost feeling good enough to take a long walk outside. I also am pretty sure that I will be able to start driving again in a week or so which is great news (although I have yet to figure out how to leave the house with a newborn). All things considered, the c-section( while it was the absolute last thing that I wanted) wasn’t THAT bad.

Last picture at home before heading to the birth center/hospital

Ready to get this c-section over with and meet my son!

2. The drive home from the hospital on April 8. He did great on his first car ride minus a few cries towards the end. I ended up taking him out of his car seat while we were waiting to drop off my pain meds at CVS. He took one suck of breast milk and passed out in my arms. It was awesome!

Car ride home in a way too big for him onesie!

3. Breastfeeding. It’s been pretty frustrating for me and Ryan. We are still having problems getting him to latch on without a nipple shield. The nipple shield works great though and I have an excellent milk supply so I suppose I shouldn’t be all too upset about it. I just always pictured breastfeeding to be the most natural thing in the world and it frustrates me to know that we need to use a nipple shield to do it successfully. The good news is that as of Wednesday, Ryan was back to his birth weight of 6 lbs 11 oz. This was after he was down to 5lbs 15oz at our lactation consultant meeting on Sunday. So he is gaining the weight and as the nurse told us at the hospital – “the proof is in the pudding!” I’m also pumping occasionally since I seriously have the same amount of milk as a cow.

4. Ryan’s sleep habits have been interesting. He’s a super sweet baby who just wants to snuggle up on someone to sleep. He also NEEDS to be sucking something in order to do so. Putting him down is impossible if he doesn’t have either my boob or a finger first.  Dan and I have been alternating letting him fall asleep on our chests. Hoping he outgrows this soon since it isn’t ideal sleeping conditions for us!

Hello little peanut!

5. Ryan had a tiny bit of jaundice but thankfully it was nothing that a lot of eating and pooping couldn’t fix. Dan and I had our first taste as over emotional first time parents when we had to take Ryan to get a shot to test his jaundice levels and we both cried.

Check out those frog legs! What a breech baby looks like for the first few days!

Week one: survived.

Week two: in progress

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