Week Two as a Mom

swallowed by this large swing which he hates :)!

We survived another week over here in the Sumner house. The lack of sleep is killing me but there’s really nothing to do about it so alas I shall stop complaining about it. The good news is that I  feel like we are starting to figure out Ryan a bit more. From his fussy times to his eating habits to his pooping grunts. The hardest part about being a new mom is I worry like a mofo and feel like I panic more than probably necessary. I’m sure this comes with the territory of being a new mom but I’m hoping it passes soon. For example: I have this weird fear of changing his diaper because I’m scared i’m going to hurt his circumcision. Thankfully Dan is amazing about the diaper changes and kind of took it on like it’s his job. Ironically, on Dan’s first day back to work, my first alone diaper change was a POOP explosion to the extreme. I’m talking poop through his onesie, sleep sack AND blanket. Poop even got on his feet!! Do not ask me how because I have no idea. That was good times for all.

Daddy changing Ryan’s diaper

totally miserable

Sleeping has gotten a tiny bit better. Instead of him waking up every hour, he is waking every 3-4 hours and is actually OK with being in his bassinet! Dan had this brilliant idea to lay a heating pad down to warm up his spot so we can do the sneaky transfer from my chest to bassinet when he finishes eating at night. It works! I kind of feel awesome for outsmarting my 12 day old!

Ryan is still in newborn clothes (which I had my mom run out and buy because his 0-3 size clothes were WAY too big!) but Dan weighed him on our old meat scale and it looks like he is finally up to 7lbs! We have a peds appt on Thursday so we will find out his exact gain then but i’m hoping he continues to make these big gains.  **update: Peds appointment weighed him in at 7lbs 2 oz and a whopping 20 inches! (that’s 2 inches of growth in 2 weeks! the power of breastmilk… or just really lanky parents!)

holding his head up!!

A little Dr. Seuss story time

Getting creative in finding a way to weigh him – an old meat scale that has ounces 😉

Some things I wish I knew before I had a baby…the non sugarcoated version:

– Breastfeeding is NOT easy. Sure it is a great bonding time and it’s a gift to give your child the best thing possible for them but a) it is MESSY  – you will be covered in sticky milk ALWAYS. b) breastmilk smells like an old cheese sandwich. c) you will go through 15-20 washcloths/burp cloths a day. d) and unfortunately, it hurts so so so much the first few days to a week until you get the hang of it.

– Speaking of the 15-20 washcloths a day, you will be amazed at how much laundry a 7lb little person can make. I think we do about 2 loads a day now.

– You will miss your downtime. Downtime rarely exists these days. I never thought I would miss being bored.

– You will love your child more than you ever thought was humanly possible and it is terrifying but in a good way.

– Your stomach will feel really weird and almost jiggly. Say bye to that rock hard stomach bubble you had during pregnancy! Don’t worry, it goes away! I’ve been dropping the weight pretty steadily as the days go by.

– Yes, you will be exhausted but you will be amazed at how your body keeps going

–  Brushing your teeth and washing your face before noon is a good day 🙂

– Feeling your baby have hiccups for the first time post birth is kind of surreal! it will make you miss the feeling in your uterus.

– You will stare at your baby everyday and be amazed that you created that.


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2 responses to “Week Two as a Mom

  1. KimmyIsRad

    Old cheese sandwich, yes! Also, I totally agree: it is a good day if you get to wash your face/brush your teeth before noon. It is 6:12pm and I haven’t brushed my hair yet.

  2. Ryan is such a handsome little guy!

    Oooohhh downtime – yes, how I miss it. And brushing your teeth…haha. I used to be so anal about it but since E. came along, once a day has to suffice – and it usually isn’t until mid-afternoon. Eek!

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