Aching Legs and a Full Fridge


Sunday. The perfect day to cook until your legs ache. I prepared a vegetable lasagna, hamburgers, sweet potatoes, marinara sauce, chicken drumsticks, and my new favorite – quinoa cakes. All set for the week now!


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Today was for..

Rainy day baking with my little boy.


We made oatmeal walnut cookies that are to die for. I already ate three!

Now I’ve got a napping baby on the couch and I’m catching up on my DVR (Jersey Shore!). Then it’s pizza making time. I love food!

Have a wonderful Friday!

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Disgustingly Delicious

Anyone else drink the water that you steam your veggies in?


The healthy factor totally outweighs the nasty factor 😉


Now I’m off to polish it off with a big bowl of Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk.

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Healthy “Ice Cream”

The summer heat leaves me craving ice cream almost every night. Thankfully, I discovered a healthy way to satisfy that craving all while getting a full serving of fruit! All you need is a blender, frozen fruit of your choice, and soymilk!

First, pick 3-4 pieces of fruit. My favorite combo is bananas, peaches, and strawberries! Cut them up, throw them in a ziploc bag, and then stick it in the freezer for a few hours.

Once your fruit is frozen, grab your blender, fruit, and milk. (Vanilla soymilk tastes best in my opinion). Add one cup of milk, your frozen fruit, and blend that baby up! The consistency should be thick and not too liquidy…just like froyo!

Enjoy your healthy summer treat 🙂


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Breakfast Sugar

When I saw that Quakers Maple and Brown Sugar Instant Oatmeal was buy one get one free at Publix, I had to buy it. While it may not be the best oatmeal out there, it is quick and easy to make. A must have when you don’t have the luxury of making a time consuming breakfast these days. (In other words, a breakfast that needs to be eaten before Dan goes to work and you take over full baby duties until 6pm). Since I’m still working on getting down to my pre-pregnancy weight, I was really pleased to see a lower sugar version out in the stores. When I opened the packet I was kind of grossed out to see a heap of sugar at the bottom of the packet and decided to experiment with this “lower sugar” version of the oatmeal.

After 5-10 shakes of the oatmeal, THIS is how much sugar fell out! I tried to write “ew” in the sugar 🙂

That is is ONE packet. Sheesh! “Lower Sugar” is more like “still a crap load of sugar but a little less than the regular version.”

I’ll be the first to admit that I fell for this marketing ploy and didn’t even both to turn the box around and read the nutrition facts.

I don’t know about you but if I’m going to eat sugar for breakfast, it’s going to be in waffles and maple syrup and NOT in oatmeal 😉

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4 months Pregnant Belly Flashback

4 months pregnant with my sweet little Ryan!

November 2010

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Caterpillar Hat

….because we can. 

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